Nopeus Config

Nopeus Config (nopeus.yaml)

main file structure

nameThe stack deployment name. Will appear on the k8s and helm deployment names.stringnonopeus
vendorThe cloud vendor that will be used to deploy your applications.string one of: - awsyes-
environmentsDeployment environments setup.key/value pair key - the name of the environment value - type EnvironmentConfignoprod:
servicesDefine your cloud application layer microservices.key/value pair key - the name of the application value - type Serviceyes (at least one service)-
storageDefine the storage setup for your applicationsStoragenonull

type EnvironmentConfig


type Service

imageThe application docker image to deploy to the clusterstringyes-
versionThe image version to deploystringnolatest
environmentAdditional environment variables to pass to the cluster.
For sensitive information, use the ${VAR_NAME} format to read values from the machine environment variables.
key/value pair key - the name of the variable value - the value of the environment variablesno{}
health_urlThe endpoint for the application health_checkstringno/status
replicasThe number of application replicas to deployuintnoautoscale
ingressDefine the ingress params for the API gatewayIngressnoprivate service

type Ingress

pathsA list of paths to redirect to the serviceIngressPathyes-
pathThe path prefix to that exposes the servicestringyes-
stripShould the path prefix be forwarded to the application or notbooleannofalse
hostsThe host names for the servicestringyes-

type Storage

databaseDefine k8s database installation.DatabaseStorageyes-
NameThe application name within kubernetesstringyes-
typeThe database type to deploy.string one of: - postgresyes-
versionThe specific version of the database to deploystringnolatest

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