Scale and deploy your applications to the cloud with a single command 🛰

Nopeus is an end-to-end tool to manage your applications at scale in the cloud with a single command and without the hassle of endless configurations.

Nopeus liftoff

How does it work?

Deploy your applications to the cloud with two simple steps and open up a whole new world of possibilities in the cloud.

Define nopeus.yaml
Launch nopeus liftoff 🚀

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What else do you get?

Nopeus is built by developer for developers. We have a lot of features that you will love and enjoy.

Zero-configuration SSL Management

Setting up SSL in a microservices environment can be challenging. With nopeus - you won't need to think about it anymore.

Secure by default

Nopeus is designed with security as the first priority. Let our team and community take care of the security setup of your cloud infrastructure and ensure your data is secure.

Cost-optimized cloud setup

Nopeus ensures your cloud will be optimized to your need and thus prevent redundant costs while increasing performance.

Deploy to your cloud vendor or to Nopeus Cloud

Nopeus allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure easily or to leverage Nopeus Cloud to reduce costs or additional leverage features we offer. Check out the pricing plans to learn more.

Transparency & Open Source

Transparency is one of our main tactics to ensure high security and trust. You can check our source code in our GitHub account, join our incredible community, or see our /open startup page.

Zero-configuration monitoring and log collection

Nopeus enrich your applications with additional open-source services out of the box to increase visibility, security, and performance in your cloud applications.

Prevent misconfigurations

Reduce misconfiguration by using Nopeus tested and verified setup.

One dashboard to catch them all

Get a secure and private view of your cloud infrastructure and application all from a single place.

Integrations you'd LOVE!

Monitor and enrich your cloud setup with countless integrations you'd love for any use case you need.

Focuse on scaling your product, and let Nopeus do the rest.


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