Quick Start

Quick Start

In this example, we will deploy a single echo microservice to AWS kubernetes cluster.

Pre Requirements

  • nopeus CLI installed
  • AWS account
  • Authenticated with AWS CLI

Nopeus Config

Create a nopeus.yaml file and add the following configuration:

# define the cloud vendor for the underlying infrastructurevendor: aws# define your applicationsservices:  echo:    image: jmalloc/echo-server    environment:      PORT: 80    ingress:      paths:        - path: /echo          strip: true
SSL & Cert Manager Setup Issue

At this time, to receive an SSL certificate via cert-manager, at least one service should be connected to port 80. In the future, this process should be automated.

Liftoff 🚀

Now, you can run nopeus at the same location as the nopeus.yaml:

nopeus liftoff

Nopeus ensures your cloud deployment can achieve high-scale with minimum configurations. Below is a diagram of the default Nopeus cloud architecture.


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